Vascular surgeons are on hand to provide prompt evaluation reports, including recommendations for intervention when clinical data is provided.

The diagnostic tests include peripheral arterial evaluation (lower limb, upper limb and carotid artery), aortic evaluation and peripheral venous evaluations.

Our Approach

Adelaide Vascular brings together the latest equipment with the experienced people to operate it and evaluate the results. This consolidated service allows the prompt and effective evaluation of vascular disease.

Adelaide Vascular, first established as the William Harvey Vascular Laboratories, has conducted about 26000 vascular scans since 1989.

Our Facilities

Evaluations are performed with Siemens G40 and Antares, Sonosite Micromaxx Systems and Philips CX50 ultrasound machines by a team of experienced vascular sonographers that have a minimum of five years’ experience in vascular sonography.

Vascular surgeons are on hand to report on all ultrasounds.

The Adelaide Vascular Centre is in North Adelaide but we also operate from many locations around Adelaide and South Australia.

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